Lean Business Development – Part 1

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Learn how to approach the process of innovation by starting off on a solid footing: focusing on the right problem will save you time, heartbreak and provide a defined understanding the core problem you endeavor to solve through your business is the starting point for this workshop.

Through the teachings of Eric Reis, Alexander Osterwalder and Steve Blank, Riley takes you through customer discovery, problem/solution validation techniques, and methods for avoiding bias. Riley introduces you to the business model canvas, rapid prototyping and the concept of lean product development.

By the end of these courses, you will have created a great problem statement, value proposition statement, and business model canvas. You will have all the tools you need to propel your business towards product/market fit.

Part 1 will prepare you to validate the problem/value proposition with your target market.
A great Value Proposition starts with a deep understanding of your customers’ pains. In this first workshop, we examine the problem you are solving with your product or service. What assumptions have you made and how do you test them? Discover tools and frameworks to help you interview customers and analyze results.


  • Startup Genome Project – how does your startup journey look?
  • Articulating the problem
  • What is product/market fit?
  • The problem statement – how to create one and why it’s important.
  • The value proposition – how to create one and why it’s important.
  • How to ask for and then conduct customer interviews
  • Avoiding bias
  • How to identify problem nuances and customer insights
Lean business Development 2-part course

Lean Business Development – Part 1

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