Dan Lacey

Daniel Lacey is an Associate Vice President who joined CBRE in 2006. During Dan’s fifteen years in commercial real estate, he has completed over 500 lease and sale transactions totaling over 5.0 million square feet.

In the middle of 2019 and after 13 years of focusing on office properties, Dan decided to undertake what was, at that time, a niche focus in an underserviced and underdeveloped asset class being life sciences. Little did he know a world changing pandemic was around the corner which would ultimately shine a bright light upon the industry and an emerging market within the Canadian economy.

Dan now exclusively spends his time educating and working with both life science tenants in search of growth space and developers that are looking to seize an opportunity to enter the unchartered waters of Canadian based, third-party lab space.

Now Dan is inspired each and every day by the opportunity to develop a grassroots asset class in the GTA and help his clients facilitate their research and technologies that we all hope will one day change the world for the better.

Throughout his career, Dan has developed a reputation as an industry leader and a respected member of the corporate real estate community who practices the ethics and integrity that embodies the principles upheld by CBRE. These are the qualities that continue to strengthen his ongoing relationships with long time clients every day.

In this Mentor Moment about securing premises for life science companies, you will learn why it’s important to:

  1. Plan well in advance
  2. Earmark funds for premises
  3. Engage with professionals to get the best deals
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