Intellectual Property Protection Toolkit

There are a variety of tools a business can use to protect its intellectual property. These tools can be used individually, or in concert with each other, to ensure maximum protection of your IP. These tools are defined as, and may not be limited to, the following: In this course, we’ll touch on each of […]

Intellectual Property Protection by Business Function

Your intellectual property is vulnerable, especially at the start. It’s important to take the necessary steps in all your business functions to keep your IP safe and secure while also being forthcoming in the interests of partnership, business growth, and product development. In this course, we will cover common business functions and the considerations to […]

Intellectual Property Protection by Business Stage

The development of a business typically involves a series of stages and events, and each brings with it their own set of Intellectual Property protection considerations. In this course, we will cover the standard stages that most businesses will experience as they grow and evolve. Within each stage you will find commonly expected events that […]