Electrification of Municipal Transportation – Resulting Impacts on Infrastructure | FTMS 2023

Parsons Corporation, a recognized leader in transportation infrastructure and the winner of the Durham RTDS “Safe and Accessible Transportation Challenge,” has provided its systems solutions to public and private clients in smart cities and intelligent Transportation Systems for 78 years. In this engaging session with Durham RTDS, these experts will analyze how infrastructure has transformed to accommodate an electric future! From personal cars to public transit, Parsons Corporation will explore the incentives and policies that propel insights for ensuring energy reliability.


Daniel Weng (Moderator) – Transformation & Innovation IT Specialists, Parsons Corporation

Mark Gander – Program Director Transit & Rail, Parsons Corporation

Paul Godsmark -Senior Project Engineer, Parsons Corporation

Yannis Stogios -Senior Director Transport & Mobility Planning, Parsons Corporation

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