FTMS 2021: Making Traffic Infrastructure Smarter with Machine-to-Machine Communication by iSmartWays

Join to hear how Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) enabled cities can dramatically improve traffic efficiency, reduce congestion, increase safety and bring about a digital smart transportation ecosystem.

The opportunity and benefits of highly assisted and even automated driving continues to test the capabilities of corporations, manufacturers, and engineers to design and build more connected and even fully self-driving vehicles. Governments too are challenged to put in place regulatory frameworks that enable and spur technology innovation. Transformation is happening though but on-vehicle technology is not enough. Smart and connected road, municipal, traffic and pedestrian management systems are just as important as the transformation on the vehicle.

This session will look at how new co-operative intelligent transportation systems are coming to Ontario.

If you are an industry professional, road operators, and/or technology enthusiast for connected, automated, smart, shared, and electrified mobility, please join us to learn how V2X is just beginning to impact the way roads and vehicles collaborate in this digital transformation.

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