How to Hire the Right Sales Talent

Hiring sales talent is one of the most critical stages of your progression. When is it time to make your first hire? How do you attract talent to your brand among all of the competition? More importantly, how do you retain the talent?

The secrets that recruitment agencies and your competition don’t want you to know about attracting sales talent to your startup are revealed! We will discuss the easy steps you can take to scale your sales division and retain your talent.

Join this session if you are a Startup Founder or seed-stage company hiring manager looking to make your first sales hire, or expand your existing team. Learn how to build basic sales processes, recruit, interview, attract and retain sales talent so you don’t make the costly mistake of a mis-hire.

We will cover:

• When to Hire (What needs to be in place before your first hire)

• Entry Level, Rep, Leadership and Exec hire differences – What am I looking for and how do I define it?

• Compensation Programs – what will attract top talent?

• Skills/Competencies or Attitude? What do I focus on in my search?

• Trends in Benefits and Workplace Culture


Jordana Matsos, Founder & CEO @ HireEquity

Jordana Matsos profile image

Jordana Matsos was a disruptive thinker and 3rd generation business leader/ entrepreneur when she decided to pursue her career in Sales. She was determined not to have rules for the sake of having them, give respect for the sake of a structure or take direction for the sake of someone giving it.

When Jordana graduated from McMaster University in 2003, it was with the foresight to take her Human Resources education, her entrepreneurial upbringing and her flair for selling with the intention of creating inspiring environments, solving problems that people care about and making meaningful human connections.

Jordana has scaled sales divisions to increase revenue contributions by over 200%, executed merger strategies while leading at Autotrader, Pethealth and Shutterstock, led multi-million-dollar partnerships with global retailers, developed sales and marketing divisions to improve their profitability and enhanced the customer and cultural experience through her charismatic energy.

Through challenges and successes, Jordana’s grit, determination and courage have been the core attributes to her diverse experiences

Jordana had a simple, adaptive and repeatable philosophy: You Always have a Choice.

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